August 30, 2016

My Winning Entry in the "Nature In Focus" Contest at Lincoln Park Zoo

Back in March, I submitted some of my local Chicago-area nature photography to the Lincoln Park Zoo's Nature In Focus photo contest. And, as luck and a bit of amateur photography skill would have it, one of my photos won! Because the exhibit is closing on Sep 7, 2016, I wanted to write a post on it so I can keep this memory in my journal here.

Here's the photo that won - a quick capture of a turtle checking me out as I walked by in the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool at Lincoln Park:

Peeking Out

Here's the writeup of the photo, as it appeared on the zoo's website:

A panel of photography and museum experts chose twenty photos to include in a summer exhibit that was adjacent to the zoo's central walk. The gorgeous photos were printed as large format and placed on boards for the crowds to browse.

Jessie and I visited the exhibit on July 2, the day after it opened. We checked it out for a while, doing our best art aficionado impersonations.

I was impressed with the collection that the panel chose. It really captured the juxtaposition of urban living and natural encounters that we can see in Chicago. If you look around, there are green spaces all over the city, which is something every Chicagoan can take pride in.

Of course, it was also cool that one of my photos was selected to join this outstanding collection. It's the first time I've had any kind of byline plaque on an art exhibit, so that was fun. It was really something special to be in this bundle of pretty photos.

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